Robb’s Life Chapter 18 — Making End of Life Decisions with Sisters Martha and Peg

Martha-Robb-Peg-8-19-95In late August, 1995, Robb met with his sisters, Martha and Peg, to go over end-of-life decisions. After a recent bout with a fever and as his throat continued to hurt, Robb seemed to realize that some loose ends needed to be tied.

This was one of my favorite episodes of Robb’s Life. I suppose I have several favorites, but seeing him interact with his sisters gave me a glimpse of what he was like as a brother, tormenting them as a child. And it was clear that Peg takes after her mom as her emotions come through during her comments.

Robb’s mischievous nature really comes out at the end when Martha and Peg are leaving. I’ve been laughing over this for 20 years.

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Robb’s Life Chapter 8 – Signing Up for an AIDS Drug Trial

Robb Dussliere - Louis KatzIn May of 1995, as new cases of HIV and AIDS were being reported daily, and as more and more people were dying from the disease, researchers and drug companies were frantically looking for an AIDS cure, or at least a way to reduce the amount of HIV found in the body. The goal was to slow down or reduce the amount of damage to the immune system.

One of the drugs being tested at that time was called “3TC.”

Robb returned to Genesis Medical Center, where Dr. Katz was helping to sign him up for a drug trial with 3TC.

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