Robb’s Life Chapter 38 -A Checkup at the Doctor’s Office

Robb Feb 28 1996-3

Robb made everyone laugh, and he thought the world of nurse Sandee Millage.

By the end of February 1996, Robb had lost six pounds in a little over a week, so he went to Dr. Katz’ office. Dr. Katz wasn’t in, but his nurse Sandee Millage was there to see him.

Robb’s fatigue was worse and he was visibly going downhill. His mother, Hattie drove him to the doctor’s office at Genesis Medical Center in Davenport, across the river from his house in Rock Island, Illinois.

Despite feeling badly, the opening shot in this story still makes me smile. I was carrying the heavy camera gear and walking backward down the hall, so Robb began clowning around, motioning people behind me to look out. I remember squinting with one eye through the viewfinder and trying not to laugh.

Robb Feb 28 1996-5

The twinkle in Robb’s eyes was replaced with concern.

Robb was able to smile and joke a little bit during his checkup, but there is one moment in particular, when he looks up at Sandee when she takes a blood sample, that the illness is mirrored in his eyes. The haunting “sick” look is so different than the twinkle he had in his eyes 10 months earlier, when the series began.


Robb’s Life Chapter 24 – A Drug Treatment More Toxic Than Chemo

Robb clowns around as the visiting nurse checks the insertion site on his arm.

Robb clowns around as the visiting nurse checks the insertion site on his arm.

In late September, 1995, Robb was in the middle of a 21-day drug treatment for cytomegalovirus, a common virus associated with AIDS. The drug was more toxic than chemotherapy.

A visiting nurse stopped by several times a week to check how he was doing, clean the arm where the tube was inserted, and make sure he wasn’t having trouble with the machine administering the drug.

Robb had been sick for a couple of weeks and he was getting a lot of mail at WHBF-TV, and I would take the cards and letters to him.

This episode shows the visiting nurse, and Robb discusses the mail he is getting, including one horrible letter from someone in Clinton, Iowa.

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Robb’s Life Chapter 19 – Fun with the Jet Ski on the Mississippi River with Brother John

Robb and his brother, John Dussliere.

Robb and his brother, John Dussliere.

Robb’s younger brother, John Dussliere, came to visit in late August, 1995. Robb’s health was starting to yo-yo every day, feeling fine earlier in the day and sometimes feeling bad later.

They loved to jet-ski, so they took one out to the Mississippi River and enjoyed the day.

Robb later believed he picked something up in the river that day that caused him to begin spiraling downward. With virtually no immune system remaining, it was a possibility.

This story aired on WHBF-TV on the 10:00 news, August 28, 1995.

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