Robb’s Life Chapter 32 -Ringing in 1996 by with a Little Sweat and a Lot of Spackle

Robb-Jan-96-71996 began with Robb with a little sweat and a little spackle, still working hard to get the house ready to open so homeless HIV and AIDS clients could have a place to stay. Within 5 months, the house would be named “Robb’s House” and would be owned and operated by the DeLaCerda House, a nonprofit organization.

We had been doing Robb’s Life stories since April, almost nine months. He had not expected to live to see 1996, but here he was, making the most of his time.

Robb-Jan-96-3I was disappointed when we shot this story right after the first of the year that he had celebrated his 34th birthday on New Year’s Eve and had not told me that his birthday was coming up. I’m not sure what bothered me the most — that I didn’t know his birthday (how could I have not asked this basic question?) or that he didn’t tell me about it. My holidays had been very busy, with a new relationship that would become a marriage in September of 1996, and with a trip to Lexington to visit friends and family. But for 20 years, I have regretted not being at Robb’s 34th birthday party with my camcorder.

I would not have another chance.

In this episode, Robb also shows the permanent IV that was put into his chest for more effective medicine delivery. At this point, every day was a gift.

You can still donate to the DeLaCerda House and help keep Robb’s legacy alive. Go to and click on the “Donate” button on the right side of the screen.


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