Robb’s Life Chapter 5 — Educating Young People About HIV

Robb Smile April 1995In the spring of 1995, Robb was making a lot of public appearances as he worked to educate the public about avoiding HIV. At this time, Robb’s immune system was almost nonexistent. Each appearance carried the risk that someone would pass along a flu bug or cold that could do serious, even fatal damage.

But that did not stop Robb.

This story shows Robb and Beth Wehrman meeting informally with a group of Augustana College students in their cafeteria.

This is the only video that I did not shoot during the series. At first, I did not intend to be the reporter and videographer for the series, so as I stayed behind to manage the newsroom on a busy day, I sent a young videographer to shoot the meeting at Augustana College. It’s amazing to think that these young kids are now around 40 years old.

Please donate to the DeLaCerda House and keep Robb’s mission alive, helping HIV and AIDS patients who find themselves homeless. Follow this link and click on the Donate button on the right side of the page.

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